Stauffer, Son & Co - Silver WW1 Officer Trench Watch - "NO RESERVE PRICE" - 273261 - Unisex - 1901-1949

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Unique antique solid Sterling silver WW1 Stauffer & Son officers trench watch 1914-1915

This is a stunning antique Stauffer & Son officers trench watch from the WW1 period.

The watch is in an excellent condition especially for its age.
The case, backplate and bezel are made from solid Sterling silver and it has the British Hallmarks and sponsor marks to prove it engraved in the backplate.
The Hallmarks and sponsor marks show "925" indicating solid Sterling silver 92.5%
The "CN" indicating registration at Chester Assay Office (1906) as Charles Nicolet, trading as Stauffer, Son & Co, watch importers & manufacturers
The upside-down Zodiac sign of Leo indicating the London town mark.
The “t” together with the London town mark indicate the makers date of 1914-1915.

The dial is in an amazingly excellent condition for a watch of this (or any) age, the logo, lettering and hour marks on the dial are crisp and vibrant (email dial).

It has a very high-quality (and beautiful) Swiss Stauffer & Son movement.
Stauffer & Son also used movements from IWC, Eterna and Patek Philippe. This indicates the level of quality and sophistication Stauffer & Sons had! They were on par with the movements of IWC and Patek and even had a strong enough brand name to agree with these high-end manufacturers that they could use their movements while branding the movement as Stauffer & Son.
The mark with SS&Co under three triangles is frequently seen on their early wristwatches. This mark was reserved for use on Stauffer's highest quality movements!

The watch has been recently serviced, runs very well and keeps excellent time, only -3 to +4 seconds a day. This is remarkable for any watch let alone a watch of 100+ years old.

The watch comes on a bespoke handmade period correct leather strap made from very supple vintage leather with metal accents. This strap was specifically made for this watch.
It is extra-long ensuring that it fits on wider wrists as well.

This really is a superb timepiece from a high-end old Swiss brand and from a unique period in history.

Some history on Stauffer, Son & Co:
The watchmaking company Stauffer, Son & Co. was established in Switzerland in 1830 with an office in Geneva and a factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds. A London office was opened soon after to import watches from the Swiss factory and sell them into the British market and the British Empire. Stauffer, Son & Co. became one of the largest, if not the largest, importer of Swiss watches in Britain, also importing watches made by Patek Philippe, Le Coultre, IWC, Fontainemelon and Eterna.
Julius Stauffer initially retailed watches directly to the public from a shop in which he was a partner with two others, and acted as an importer and wholesaler, initially selling watches made in the Stauffer “Atlas” factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds. By 1885 the Atlas factory was making 60,000 watches a year.
The London wholesale business grew in size to become one of the largest and best-known watch importers in Britain. They found that they could sell more watches than the Atlas factory could manufacture, so they also imported and wholesaled watches from other Swiss manufacturers including Patek Philippe, Le Coultre, IWC, Eterna and Fontainemelon.

The mark with SS&Co under three triangles is frequently seen on early wristwatches. This mark was reserved for use on Stauffer's highest quality movements!

Nice anecdote:
The initials "SS&Co." underneath 3 small triangles or pyramids represents Stauffer's “third quality” watches, hence the three triangles. This mark was originally intended to be used in addition to the earlier trademarks, but eventually became very widely used on its own.

At first sight it appears to be rather a mystery why Stauffer would want to make such a fuss about their “third quality” watches. A native English speaker might think that it would be better to promote one's first quality products.
However, it is abundantly clear that something has got lost in translation from Swiss/French to English and that, rather than being inferior to their not mentioned first and second quality watches, Stauffer Third Quality Watches are actually their best, the top of their range, achieving “very great success”. In this reasoning, first quality models would be the basic ones, second quality would be better, and the third quality would be the best; "extra-extra-extra-good". Perhaps in Swiss/French this would be “trés bon” which was somehow translated literally into English as third quality.

Width without crown: 31 mm
width with crown: 33 mm
Lug to lug: 38 mm
Lug width: 13 mm
Thickness: 12mooi zo,mm
Length of strap with watch: 24 cm

Recently serviced (Feb 2022)
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